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End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin Statement on Immigration Executive Order

Madison—Patti Seger, executive director of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, issued the following statement on today's immigration executive orders:

On so-called sanctuary cities:

"Today's orders attempt to undermine effective local law enforcement strategies that serve to build trust and safety within communities all across the country. Local officers know that fostering trust with immigrant crime victims is the key to identifying and apprehending violent abusers. We oppose any attack on these commonsense strategies because when immigrant victims live in the shadow of fear, perpetrators of abuse are not reported and remain at large. As a result, victims and children suffer, and we are all less safe."

On the reported plans to stop or curtail refugee resettlement:

"Violence against women is extremely common in war-torn regions and areas of humanitarian crisis. Not only is religious discrimination fundamentally at odds with the core principles of this country; the proposal will also likely have the effect of denying refuge to victims of gender-based violence -- which is a further abandonment of our nation's long-standing commitments."

General comments:

"Like most Americans, I believe that the greatness of our country is not measured in the strength of walls, but through commitment to our values and concern for the vulnerable."

"We stand firmly opposed to these orders, which will only sow division, fear and insecurity in our communities."

"It will take time to understand the full consequences of these orders on immigrant victims of domestic violence. For instance, the priorities for removal are not focused onviolent convicted criminals. They are overly broad and will very likelyprevent many victimsfrom accessing protections and lead to the breaking apart of victims' families." 

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