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26 & 27. Christine Rudy and Christopher Rudy

21 years old

unborn son

November 12, 2005


Clark County

Christine Rudy was shot to death and dismembered by her husband of three months, Shaun Rudy, 23. Christine was six months pregnant at the time, and her unborn son, whom she had named Christopher, also died. Two days after killing her he reported her missing.

Immediately prior to the homicide, Christine was in a car with Shaun and an 18-year-old woman described as Shaun’s girlfriend. According to Shaun and the second woman, all three had been using methamphetamine. Shaun ordered Christine out of the car and drove away, then returned to where she was standing. He said, “Wife… ‘til death do us part,” and shot Christine in the head, using a 12-gauge shotgun stolen two days earlier when the three of them burglarized a house in Iowa. Shaun threatened his girlfriend that he would kill her too if she told anyone what he had done. Together they drove to Shaun’s mother’s home, where Shaun dismembered Christine’s body. A day or two later they dropped her remains into the Chippewa River, where they were discovered in March 2006 on the basis of information from Shaun’s girlfriend. Two days before the murder, Shaun left Christine on the side of a road in southern Wisconsin. After walking through the night for seven to twelve miles, Christine reached a church in Fennimore, Wisconsin, where she waited until Shaun picked her up that afternoon. Shaun told a cellmate that he and his girlfriend had thought of many ways to kill Christine so that they could be alone. Before he was sentenced, he told pre-sentence investigators that he would not change anything and that he felt he did the right thing by killing Christine so that she would not give birth to a child that would possibly be disabled because of her methamphetamine use.

As part of a plea bargain and her cooperation with investigators, charges against Shaun’s girlfriend of Aiding a Felon and Falsifying Information as a Party to a Crime were deferred. She pled guilty to Resisting or Obstructing an Officer and was sentenced to 271 days in jail. Shaun Rudy pled no contest to the charges of First-Degree Intentional Homicide, First-Degree Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child, and Mutilating a Corpse. He was sentenced to two life sentences without parole for the homicide charges and thirteen years and six months in prison and five years of extended supervision for the mutilation charge.

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