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40. Myesha House

28 years old

May 13, 2009


Milwaukee County

Melvin R. House, 44, was found guilty of homicide by negligent handling of a firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm in the death of his wife, Myesha Haynes. A jury trial is scheduled for December 6, 2010. Myesha Haynes’ body was found in Lake Michigan, with four gunshot wounds to her chest. At the time of the homicide, Myesha Haynes had moved in with friends, telling them that she wanted a divorce because her husband had repeatedly beaten her and threatened her with a gun. In May 2008, she sought a restraining order that was not granted. In 2004, Melvin House was charged with battery against her, and the charge was dismissed on the defendant’s motion.

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