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42. & 43. Amber Weigel and Neveah Weigel-Adair

25 years old

2 years old

December 3, 2009


Dane County 

Tyrone M. Adair, 38, strangled his current girlfriend, Tracy Judd, and suffocated their daughter, Deja Renee. He also shot and killed Amber Weigel, a woman with whom he had been in a prior dating relationship, and their daughter, Neveah. Tyrone Adair remained at large for four days until his body was found in one of the victim’s cars. He died from a self-inflicted gunshot. At the time of the homicides he was subject to a restraining order obtained in 2006 by another woman. In 1995 and 2000, two other women initially sought restraining orders, but did not obtain them. In 2000 he pled no-contest to a charge of battery involving one of the women. Although prohibited by the restraining order and the battery conviction from possessing firearms, he purchased one via a private sale.

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