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47. Ashantia Lindsey

July 10, 2011


Milwaukee County

Derek Robert Farrow shot and killed a Ashantia Lindsey, a friend of his ex-girlfriend, after an allegation was publicized on Facebook claiming that Farrow had molested the girlfriend's infant. The Facebook post sent people to look for Farrow at his mother's house.

Farrow later confessed to his uncle that he had gone to his ex-girlfriend's house, located at Madison and 13th St. He broke down the door and saw three men running around. He shot at them before running off. Later, officers found Lindsey dead in the stairway of the apartment building. It was determined that he had been shot four times.

Farrow confessed to his uncle about 12 to 16 hours after the homicide. His uncle's daughter agreed to drive Farrow to Missouri for $180 because she needed the money. Farrow was dropped on at a cousin's house in Jefferson City where he was later arrested and returned to Wisconsin after Milwaukee police informed Jefferson City police that he was most likely staying with family members.

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