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49, 50 & 51. Zina Daniel, Cary Robuck and Maelyn Lind

Zina Daniel: 42 years old

Maelyn Lind: 38 years old

Cary Robuck: 35 years old

October 21, 2012


Waukesha County

On Thursday, October 18, 2012, Zina Daniel, Radcliffe Haughton's wife, obtained a domestic abuse restraining order against her husband after years of violence and abuse. Radcliffe was ordered to not possess firearms.  Knowing he could not pass a background check, Radcliffe sought a gun on the internet on Saturday October 20, presumably with the intent of killing Zina. He arranged for a private sale--no background check required.  On Sunday, October 21, Radcliffe went on a shooting spree at the salon where Zina worked, killing her, Cary Robuck and Maelyn Lind and injuring four others. After many tense moments searching, Haughton was found dead by his own gun.