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5 & 6. Heather Brown and Teacy Schramm

February 1, 2001

21 years old

18 years old


Marathon County

Heather Brown and Teacy Schramm were fatally shot by Heather’s former boyfriend, Craig Shannon, 20. Christi Elliot, 16, was also shot and injured in the incident. After the multiple shooting, Craig committed suicide.

Heather had been dating Craig for several months, but was trying to end the relationship. She had left Craig’s home and was temporarily staying at a motel. When Craig harassed her at the motel the night before the homicide, she called the police to intervene. The day of the homicide, Heather had her first meeting with her probation agent, who was also supervising Craig Shannon. When the agent became aware of their relationship, the probation agent forbade her from living with Craig, who was also on probation.

Around 5:00 p.m. that night, Heather called and requested a civil stand by from police to help her safely retrieve her belongings from Craig’s home. Heather and two friends went to the house but decided not to wait for the police and entered to get her things. Just ten minutes later, at 5:10 p.m., the police were notified of a shooting at Craig’s house. After the shooting occurred, Craig’s friend revealed he had threatened to kill Heather that day. Heather Brown is survived by her two children.

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