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8. Rachel Shreve


November 12, 2000

38 years old


Walworth County


Rachel Shreve was killed while she was hiding from her ex-husband at a friend’s house in Pell Lake. She was shot by her ex-husband, Eddie Hiland, 41, who readily told police that he intended to kill her and that he watched through a window to make sure it was Rachel before he fired. He shot her first through a window and then entered the house, discharging a total of 20 shots. Nine of them hit Rachel. Three children witnessed the attack, but none of them were physically injured.

Eddie had already served nine years in prison for a 1986 assault on Rachel. During that assault he had broken into her home, held a gun to her mouth and threatened to kill her. Rachel had been in hiding since mid-September 2000 after Eddie had forcibly taken her to a cemetery, threatened to “bash her head in” with a metal pipe, and then raped her. Rachel reported the assault to police. Several days before her death, Rachel told police that if Eddie found her he would kill her and she felt he was close.

Eddie was charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide, Possession of a Firearm after a Felony Conviction and Sexual Assault. He is serving a life sentence plus five years.

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