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9. Andrea Leu


October 7, 2001

33 years old

Near Illinois-Wisconsin Border


Andrea Leu was fatally shot in the head by her boyfriend, Gerald Faulkner, 48. Police believe Gerald shot Andrea while they were in her car and left her in a farm field near the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. Andrea’s car was found in Beloit, WI. Andrea and Gerald had come from Madison to visit her family in the state line area.

After shooting Andrea and dumping her body, Gerald returned to Madison for a change of clothing and money. He then spent two more nights in the state line area traveling between Illinois and Wisconsin before shooting himself in a park near where he left Andrea. Police found his body several days later.

Several incidents of Gerald’s abuse of Andrea had been reported by Andrea’s family and friends and are in Illinois law enforcement records. A number of these incidents had been witnessed by others. Andrea had sought safety by obtaining an Illinois order of protection against Gerald in March 2001 and had moved to Madison to get away from him. Despite her attempts, Gerald followed her to Madison and moved in with her.

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