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The Divorce Process in Wisconsin: overview and discussion of available resources

Monday, April 21 from 1:00-2:00 PM

Join Morgan Young, Immigration & Poverty Law Attorney, for an overview of the divorce process in Wisconsin.  From initial filings to final judgment, we’ll walk through the process, the players, and the role of the advocate throughout.  Tips and tricks for addressing some of the most common challenges will also be covered.   We’ll reserve time at the end of the hour for questions and answers on the current topic—or any legal topic—of concern to victim advocates.

Every month in 2014, End Abuse legal staff Tess Meuer or Morgan Young will highlight a current legal issue or trend for advocates in WI.  We welcome you to attend—always on a Monday at 1:00—TESS Talks: legal information worth sharing or Mondays with Morgan. Join us for this monthly series!

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