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Navigating Address Privacy webinar

August 13, 2013, 2:00-3:30 PM (central time)
Presenters: Valenda Applegarth, Greater Boston Legal Services & Betty McEntire, Arizona
Address Confidentiality Program
Many survivors who have relocated don’t want to share their personal information,
especially their location, for fear that their abuser or stalker may find them. However, many
survivors end up having to reveal their home address in order to receive mail, open bank
accounts, apply for a driver’s license, go to school, or get a job. This webinar will explore
different ways survivors can minimize the sharing of their home addresses and personal
information. The presenters will discuss a variety of strategies such as programs through the
U.S. Postal Service and states’ Address Confidentiality Programs. Problem solving strategies
and tips will also be discussed.
This webinar is hosted by the National Network to End Domestic Violence as part of the
Relocation Counseling and Identity Protection Initiative.