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Webinars Demystified

Did you know...?

All you need to participate in most webinars is a phone and a computer connected to the internet! 

What is a webinar?

  • A webinar is a presentation you view on your computer screen.
  • Participation may be offered by phone or computer.
  • Webinars may be recorded by the sponsoring organization and made available for later viewing .

How do I hear the presentation?

Depending on how the presentation is set up, you may phone in to a conference number or listen through your computer speakers or headphones. At End Abuse we generally ask you to phone in, often to a toll-free line.

Can anyone join a webinar?

The webinar's sponsor will decide whether or not to limit the number of participants. If participation is limited, you will be asked to register in advance. When you register, you will receive an email with a link to join at the appropriate time, and instructions for calling in.

If participation is not limited, a link and call-in instructions will be provided.

Do I need any special technology?

  • You will need a computer connected to the internet to watch.
  • Some webinar presenters project sound through your computer speakers or headphones. Others ask you to call in on your phone to listen. 
  • Some webinar services will work with other devices. End Abuse uses ReadyTalk which offers an iPad mobile app.

How do I ask questions during a webinar?

There are several ways you can participate, depending on how the presenter has set it up. 

  • Chat box: On your screen there is a place where you can type in questions. The presenter or a moderator usually watches for questions that come in, and answers them either by typing a message in return or speaking to everyone.
  • Phone: Participants may be muted to avoid unnecessary noise during the presentation. Sometimes the presenter unmutes everyone for a period of time for questions or discussion. Usually there is a phone keypad command to mute or unmute yourself.
  • Raise hand: There may be an icon on your computer screen to raise your hand and wait for the presenter to recognize you. If you are muted, they may be able to unmute your call or ask you to do it yourself by pressing a key combination on your phone.

If I miss the webinar, how can I access it?

If the webinar has been recorded, End Abuse will post it on our website with a link to view and listen. End Abuse webinars can be found in EVENTS > Recorded Webinars. Some may be visible only to members who are logged in.