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Resources and Publications

2015 Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report

This is the fourteenth edition of the Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report, chronicling deaths from domestic violence that occured in 2015.

Prevention Information and Feedback Listening Sessions - May 2016

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin coordinated listening sessions to talk with domestic violence and sexual assault experts, culturally specific program providers, and youth coordinators around the state, to get information and recommendations from participants about culturally appropriate prevention programming and practice that can support healthy vibrant relationships and violence free communities.

Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships Resource Guide

This guide features free resources that provide information on teen dating violence and healthy relationships. Some resources speak directly to teens, and others are more geared toward adults (parents, educators, advocates, etc.) Last updated: Jan 14 2016.

Topics include:

  • Teen dating violence
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sexual violence
  • Digital safety
  • Teen activism
2014 Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report
This is the thirteenth edition of the Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report. End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin has been tracking and analyzing all incidents of domestic violence homicide that occurred in Wisconsin since 2000. This report documents fatalities from 2014. 
Discovery Dating - Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Discovery Dating is a healthy relationship development tool created by Wise Women Gathering Place (WWGP) Director, Alice Skenandore. It provides a process for exploration of personal values, discernment of character traits of others, and practice of informed decision making.

Discovery Dating details steps which enable the student to predict repercussions of certain choices and the benefits of true partnership based upon discernment of facts and information.

Discovery Dating has been used with full or partial implementation in myriad settings, including elementary school classrooms, educational sessions for mothers receiving public benefits, youth clubs, high school enrichment offerings, and women’s support groups. Detailed instructions for implementing 14 weekly sessions in a classroom are available; however the lessons may be adjusted or combined to suit varying schedules. 

For more information contact Jen Schanen at Wise Women Gathering Place. 
Phone: (920)490-0627.

Overview of State and Federal Laws Impacting Victims of Domestic Violence
Preventing Teen Dating Violence with Rural Youth - Youth Action Committee

The Youth Action Committee (YAC) is a school-based, youth-driven, teen dating violence prevention project funded through DELTA. The project is located in the rural Wisconsin community of Chippewa Falls and offered through Chippewa County‘s alternative high school as a two-semester class that allows juniors and seniors to earn service learning credit. 

For more information about YAC, contact Denise Kervin at Family Support Center. 

Phone: (715) 723-1138

A. Restraining Orders in Wisconsin

This grid asks and answers questions about all four types of protection orders.

B. Process to Obtain a Restraining Order in Wisconsin
B1. Obtaining a Restraining Order in Wisconsin - Two Part Process
B2. Ten Points to Consider before Choosing to File a Restraining Order
C. Glossary of Terms - Restraining Orders
D. FAQs for Petitioners about ROs
E. Everything You Need to Know About Enforcement of ROs
F. Changes to the harassment law effective Sept 1, 2010 (slides)
G. Restraining Orders for the Elderly
H. Databases for Wisconsin Civil and Criminal Information
A. Overview of Wisconsin’s mandatory arrest law
B. Glossary of Terms - Criminal Law
C. WI Strangulation and Suffocation Law
D. Firearms Surrender Law and Persons Exempt from Firearms Surrender
A. Glossary of Terms - Family Law
B. Process to obtain a divorce in Wisconsin
C. WI Laws on Child Custody and Physical Placement
D. 2003 Act 130
Legal Remedies for Immigrants and Nonimmigrants Who are Victims of Crime

Prepared by the Midwest Immigrant & Human Rights Center (MIHRC), a program of Heartland Alliance.