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WCADV joins Smart Betty - and you can be a part of it!

WCADV is excited to announce our partnership with Smart Betty, a new online coupon site that gives back! WCADV is proud to be chosen as a Charter Charity for Smart Betty and we are thrilled to share the news with our friends and allies.

It’s free and here’s how it works: Smart Betty will donate $1.00 for every person who signs up to receive Smart Betty online offers and chooses WCADV as their Charity of Choice. Signing up is absolutely free, plus if you decide to participate in any of the great daily deals, Smart Betty gives 10% of Smart Betty revenue back to the charity of your choice, which is WCADV, of course! It’s a win –win: you get a great deal and we get 10% at no additional cost to you!

ADDED BONUS! Smart Betty has also offered us a challenge: if we can get 850 people to sign up in the next 45 days, they will donate an additional $170 to WCADV! Our goal is to raise at least $1000. Share the link with your friends & family! Every person who signs up with the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence as their Charity of Choice means we are $1 closer to our $1000 goal.

We'd love to get lots of WCADV supporters enjoying Smart Betty deals. The more folks that buy from Smart Betty the more we raise to support domestic violence programs through WCADV.

We appreciate all of your support and the exciting partnership we have created with Smart Betty. Please take a moment to sign up. It doesn't cost you anything to join and you will be making a big difference in the lives of victims and survivors of domestic violence. 


Click the link below to help WCADV raise $1000


P.S.  Pass it on!