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The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence Statement on Ken Kratz Hearing

Patti Seger, executive director of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WCADV), released this statement, reacting to the Ken Kratz disciplinary hearing:

“Ken Kratz’s misconduct and abuse of power would likely still be going on today were it not for the brave and courageous women who came forward and spoke out. 

“Today’s hearing has been a long time coming. Even after his outrageous conduct came to light, for many months, it appeared Ken Kratz would not face accountability in a professional disciplinary proceeding.  

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court has final say over Kratz’s punishment. The Justices need to carefully consider the negative statewide and national impact of his misdeeds. Kratz was sworn to protect the vulnerable. Instead, he caused victims in Calumet County and beyond to question their faith in the justice system. 

“Kratz has recently said that he has suffered enough for his wrongdoing. Victims and advocates would be more likely to accept Kratz’s statements of contrition if, instead of minimizing his egregious conduct and dwelling on how he has been personally affected, he demonstrated an genuine understanding of how his actions affected others.” 

Selected Resources

2015-2016 End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin Legislative Agenda

This document summarizes End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin's top priorities for legislative advocacy during the 2015 to 2016 biennium. In determining what legislative efforts to support, End Abuse consults regularly with domestic violence programs, survivors of domestic violence, coordinated community response teams, and other professionals who work to address domestic violence. Our Legislative Agenda is a work in progress. We encourage legislators, local domestic violence programs, survivors and other professionals to contact us with potential legislative initiatives throughout the session.

Voting Guide for Advocates and Survivors

This guide is meant to help advocates assist their clients with the voting process. With recent law changes and court decisions, even the basics of how to cast a ballot can be very confusing  The guide covers voter registeration, ID requirements and determining where to vote.