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Rural & Tribal

Battered women in rural and tribal communities share experiences, thoughts and feelings very similar to those of women from larger, more urban areas.  However, they face unique barriers to leaving abusive relationships and safely getting assistance.  In Wisconsin’s rural, remote and tribal areas, battered women and their children face many challenges including a lack of anonymity, severe lack of affordable housing and geographical isolation exacerbated by extreme weather conditions during much of the year.  Other barriers may include:

  • Lack of public transportation and long distances to travel
  • Lack of safe place to board family pets or animals
  • Implications of leaving the family farm and the income it provides.
  • The difficulty of finding resources in rural and tribal areas, including health care or child care.
  • Leaving a familiar place to live in a city/town without family support.
  • Economic; lack of employment opportunies in rural areas

Rural and tribal programs work hard to provide support for all women regardless of whether they decide to stay or leave the relationship.  Programs offer a wide variety of other services to assist survivors, including access to shelter if that is needed, legal assistance, support groups, children’s services, etc.    

The Rural and Tribal Technical Assistance Project Staff work in partnership with rural and tribal programs to provide in depth on-site technical assistance and training that is structured to meet the unique needs of each agency and community.

We also provide opportunities for sharing and learning through networking opportunities and other program specific, regional and statewide trainings. 

The Outreach Office Manual for Domestic Violence Program Advocates is available to advocates when logged in with member privileges. For member access please contact the WCADV office: 608-255-0539

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Selected Resources

Bibliography of Rural & Tribal Resources
Creator Power & Control Wheel-developed by Mending the Sacred Hoop
Links to Rural & Tribal Programs and Services

Included is a list of links to both statewide and national programs that provide a variety of rural & tribal resources and services.

Outreach Office Manual-Building and Maintaining a Successful Outreach Office in Your Community

Outreach Office Manual-the Outreach Manual is available to our member programs only. However, if you are not a member program or work in another state and are interested in this manual please call us at (608) 255-0539.

Outreach Offices Map 2011
Pet and Farm Animal Safety

Many victims fear that if they seek shelter, their animals will be abused or killed in retaliation for leaving the home. It is important to include the family animals in a safety plan.  

Resources for Helping Rural Farm Women

A list of Wisconsin and national programs and resources especially useful for assisting farm women and their families. From basic needs to extended & speciality services.

Sheltering Animals & Families Together

Allie Philips is an attorney who has dedicated her career to helping victims of crime. She is an author and consultant who launched the Sheltering Animals & Families Together Program in 2008, originially called the PAWS Program. More information and resources can be found at: