Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Providers Association

The Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Provider Association (WBTPA) was formed to oversee the ongoing development and implementation of the State of Wisconsin Male Batterers Treatment Standards. The WBTPA has been established as a project of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Local batterers treatment providers are eligible to join the WBTPA as an Individual Member and/or Program Member.

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Certified Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Providers

Current list of individuals and programs who are certified by the WBTPA to provide treatment to batterers. Click this link to view a list of current WBTPA providers. 

Male Batterers Treatment Standards for WBTPA

These standards have been developed in collaboration with the membership of WBTPA and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and have been endorsed by the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Domestic Abuse.

Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Providers Association Membership Application

This application and checklist are for individuals or agencies who are prospective members.  (This application and checklist are also required if membership has lapsed.)  Please submit the completed application and the completed checklist by mail to: End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, Attn: WBTPA, 1245 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 150, Madison, WI  53703.

Note:  Renewal applications will be emailed to current members before the end of the membership year (which runs from May 1 - April 30).  Any currently active member may also request a renewal application at any time during the membership year.  Just click to email the request.