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Engaging Youth

The best way to break the cycle of domestic violence is to stop it before it begins through education and leadership development for children and teens.

Our program offers training and information and resources for those working with youth exposed to domestic or dating violence. It also provides leadership opportunities for teens to develop the skills they can use to educate their peers. 


Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships Resource Guide

This guide features free resources that provide information on teen dating violence and healthy relationships. Some resources speak directly to teens, and others are more geared toward adults (parents, educators, advocates, etc.) 

Topics include:

  • Teen dating violence
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sexual violence
  • Digital safety
  • Teen activism
Children & Youth Lending Library

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse) has a wide variety of resources, curricula, and books for youth and teen serving programs.  In the PDF below you will find information from creating youth groups to prevention to teen dating violence.
(If interested, Please contact Cody Warner for more information about check out procedures.)

Checkout List
Lending Resources Only

Coalition Chronicles 34-3: Focus on Healthy Teen Relationships

This issue of the Chronicles shares resources and ideas about how to support teens and how to recognize signs of abuse.  It also highlights some recent teen dating violence prevention initiatives that WI communities have engaged in, including the Growing Roots grant and the work of its recipients; the Teen Council and its September retreat; and the Summit on Healthy Teen Relationships coming up in April 2016. It also showcases local programs and initiatives, and features teen/youth voices as survivors and as organizers and activists in the intervention and prevention of violence.

Teen Dating Abuse Safety Plan

This two part safety plan is for teens in an abusive dating relationship to be prepared just in case and for teens ready to leave an abusive relationship to be safe during and after the breakup.  The document below is designed for teens to fill in based on what is right for them.  The document includes:

  • Teen Dating Abuse Safety Plan if you are in a relationship
  • Teen Dating Abuse Safety Plan if you decide to break up

Teen Dating Abuse Safety Plan

How to Help a Friend in an Abusive Relationship

Watching a friend deal with an abusive relationship can be difficult—you may not understand why they're staying in a bad relationship or not know how to help them. Helping a friend in an abusive relationship may also feel like a huge responsibility that you're not ready to take on by yourself—and you shouldn't have to. If you want to help a friend but you're feeling overwhelmed, you can contact a local domestic violence program for help. And you can encourage your friend to do so, too!

The one page flier attached below includes suggestions for how to help a friend in an abusive relationship.  Consider distributing this handout at a DV program, in schools, amongst friends, or elsewhere in your community. There is a space to include a local program's contact information.  

How to help a friend in an abusive relationship

Teens and Mandated Reporting: Tips for Advocates Building a Relationship

Ten tips and considerations for advocates building a relationship with teen clients while respecting reporting and teen confidentiality.

Building a Relationship with Teens and Mandated Reporting

Tech-Savvy Teens

Choose who gets to see your information. ESCOGE QUIÉN PUEDA VER TU INFORMACIÓN

Tech-Savvy Teens (English)
Tech-Savvy Teens (Spanish)

Restraining Orders for Youth & Teens: Child Abuse & Harassment TROs, Injunctions

These presentation slides, created by Director of Justice Systems Tess Meuer, focus on the two restraining orders available for minors (under the age of 18) in Wisconsin: Child Abuse Restraining Orders and Harassment Restraining Orders.  The slides were presented at the Wisconsin Serving Victims of Crime Conference in August 2015. UPDATED May 2016.

Teen Resource Guide

25 Ways to Prevent Teen Dating and Sexual Violence

This one page document lists 25 ways YOU can prevent teen dating and sexual violence. These action steps are relevant for EVERYONE. It's a great way to get discussion going and action happening during February (Teen Domestic Violence Awareness Month) and throughout the year. Talk with others about more ways you can help stop the cycle of violence.

Click here to view the guide on preventing teen dating and sexual violence

Discovery Dating - Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Discovery Dating is a healthy relationship development tool created by Wise Women Gathering Place (WWGP) Director, Alice Skenandore. It provides a process for exploration of personal values, discernment of character traits of others, and practice of informed decision making.

Discovery Dating details steps which enable the student to predict repercussions of certain choices and the benefits of true partnership based upon discernment of facts and information.

Discovery Dating has been used with full or partial implementation in myriad settings, including elementary school classrooms, educational sessions for mothers receiving public benefits, youth clubs, high school enrichment offerings, and women’s support groups. Detailed instructions for implementing 14 weekly sessions in a classroom are available; however, the lessons may be adjusted or combined to suit varying schedules.

Discovery Dating Facilitators Manual

For more information contact Wise Women Gathering Place at (920)490-0627


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We envision communities fully engaged to provide safety and to give a voice to all affected by domestic abuse, while creating the social change necessary to address its root causes. We honor the wisdom and strength of domestic abuse survivors across the lifespan. Our mission is achievable through survivor-centered work that includes strategic partnerships and collaboration. As advocates for social justice, we embrace the voices of diverse communities.