End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin mobilizes advocates, survivors, and concerned individuals to make policy changes that will support survivors and help end domestic violence.

We maintain strong relationships with state and federal legislators to ensure that the concerns and wisdom of survivors informs policy decisions. Our advocacy has yielded broad social and legal reform over the past 35 years.

We work on a range of issues that affect domestic violence victims and victim advocates, with a focus on civil and criminal legal remedies, economic support and justice, and civil rights.

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Resources: Reports

2021-2023 End Abuse Legislative Agenda

Legislative advocacy is a unique and essential way we work to ensure the public policy landscape in WI is one that centers survivors and member programs across the state. This two-year agenda is informed by our Homicide Report, Housing Research Project, Family Law Study, ‘Moment of Truth’ Statement, and the feedback we received from advocates across WI, including responses to our annual survey and ongoing meetings held to further discuss housing and homelessness, economic justice, the criminal legal system, prevention, transformative justice, racial equity, and dismantling white supremacy. We incorporated feedback from survivors of violence who graciously shared their experiences with us.


There’s No Place Like Home: a Housing Research Project Measuring the Effectiveness of Housing Services in Wisconsin for Survivors of Domestic Violence

The need for safe, immediate, and affordable housing is a significant challenge for survivors of domestic violence and the service providers who work with them. This challenge can be seen across the nation, but surveys have shown it is especially acute in the state of Wisconsin. In light of this, End Abuse decided it was imperative to more fully understand how this challenging housing situation manifests in the lived experience of survivors of domestic violence. In this report, we examine the impact of safe, immediate, and affordable housing on survivors of domestic violence in Wisconsin.

Resources: Voting & Civic Engagement

Voting Guide for Advocates and Survivors (Updated October 2014)
Coalition Chronicles 39-1: Empowering Survivors in Wisconsin – Your Right to Vote & Be Safe (March 2020)
Coalition Chronicles 29-1: Civic Engagement – The Role of Legislation

Additional Resources:

Check out our Education page to find several Coalition Chronicles educational journals that explore topics relevant to public policy advocacy, including Family Law, Transformative Justice, Racism, and the Economics of Abuse.









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End Abuse provides a variety of educational opportunities to advocates, law enforcement, legislators, and community members to enable them to better serve survivors throughout WI.
Homicide Prevention
About Our Homicide Prevention Work Extensive research into domestic violence homicides has revealed certain indicators that are predictive of experiencing future lethal or near-lethal domestic violence. For the past several years, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin has received funding from the...
We envision promising prevention strategies that work with people and systems to challenge gender, race, and class stereotypes and oppressive norms while defining new ways to be a more positive, equitable, and just society.
Outreach to Underserved Communities
End Domestic Abuse WI has a long history of supporting underserved and under-represented communities - including communities of color, those in later life, the LQBTQI+ community, people with disabilities, children and youth, immigrants and refugees, and tribal communities - in...
Legal Services
Our legal team is a leader in educating advocates, attorneys, judges and others on the best responses to domestic abuse. In addition, we advocate for changes in laws and legal practices to improve the legal system for survivors.
Human Trafficking Awareness
End Abuse provides resources, training and technical assistance to programs serving domestic violence survivors, including survivors of human trafficking. Sex trafficking survivors face unique challenges to recovery and safety.
Engaging Youth
The children and youth program offers training, information, and resources for those working with youth. Also providing leadership opportunities for teens to develop skills they can use to educate their peers.
Economic Empowerment
Financial independence is key to domestic abuse survivors’ ability to live successful, violence-free lives. In partnership with local programs, we address economic needs and challenges so survivors can break free of violence.
Coordinated Community Response
For CCR and other DV/SA-focused multidisciplinary teams seeking to improve their community's response to domestic violence, sexual violence, and other forms of oppression.

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