End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse) is a statewide coalition of anti-violence Program Members, Allied Partners, and Supporting Members working in partnership to address the root causes of violence, create a safer world, and end domestic violence.
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Membership Options

Program Members: (Full Voting) – Annual dues are based on organizational budget.

Program Members must:

  • Be a private, non-profit organization, county government agency, or tribal agency.
  • Have a primary focus on providing services to survivors of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault in Wisconsin;
    • Or have a program component that has domestic abuse and/or sexual assault as a primary focus;
    • Or have a program component that works towards the prevention of gender violence and oppression;
    • Or be a program that receives State of WI Domestic Abuse Program funding and that provides shelter and/or services for survivors of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault.
  • Adhere to the mission, vision, and values of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin.
  • Pay annual membership dues to End Abuse.

Allied Partners: (Non-Voting) – Annual dues are $150.

  • Organizations, groups, or agencies that support the mission, vision, and values of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin.
  • Pay annual membership dues to End Abuse.

Supporting Member: (Non-Voting) – Annual dues are $50 for Individuals and $150 for Organizations.

  • Any individual or organization who supports the mission, vision, and guiding principles of End Domestic Abuse WI.
  • Pay annual membership dues to End Abuse.
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Program Membership Renewal & Application

End Abuse Program Memberships renew annually, and are based on organizational budget. Current memberships will expire on December 31, 2022. To ensure access to all of your member benefits, renew by December 1, 2022. 

Three Steps to Renewing
  1. Complete this form and the Renewal Form Spreadsheet (see step 2).
  2. Complete this Renewal Form Spreadsheet: 2022 RenewalForm
  3. Submit payment either via mailed check or online below (PayPal).

How to become a New Program Member, Allied Partner or Supporting Member

Interested individuals, programs and allied partners are invited to join us in our fight against domestic violence! We currently are opening membership applications for programs (new or lapsed), allied partners or supporting members, to apply for a partial membership for 2022. Any applications received prior to December 1st 2022 will be members for 2022 at a discounted rate for the entirety of 2022.

  1. Complete this form for application
  2. We will contact you regarding the status of your application within two-weeks. 
  3. Once approved, we will send you an invoice for dues payment, due within 30-days. 

Program Membership Payment

There are two ways you can submit membership payment:

  1. Pay online here.

First, select your program budget below. Your fee will correspond to your budget. Then click “Add to Cart”. Your PayPal cart will open as soon as you click “Add to Cart”, but YOU WILL NEED TO TOGGLE BACK TO THIS BROWSER TAB TO COMPLETE THE OUTREACH COUNTY PORTION of your payment (if applicable). See below.

Then, if you have Outreach Counties you serve, select the number of counties, and click the below “Add to Cart” button.

Outreach Office
Outreach Office $75.00 USD

Once you’ve added one or both of these items to your cart, you can go to your Paypal tab that has opened, and submit payment online.

2. Mail in your payment

If you prefer to mail your check payment, request a membership form from gsantiago@endabusewi.org, fill in the data, print the form, enclose payment, and mail by April 30, 2022 to:

Attn: Membership Services
End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin
1400 E. Washington Ave., Suite 227
Madison, WI 53703

We thank you for your partnership and look forward to continuing our work together!

If you are considering membership for the first time and would like additional information, please contact Gricel Santiago-Rivera at gsantiago@endabusewi.org or at 608.255.0539 x 201

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