Transnational Marriage Abandonment (TMA) is defined as a type of abuse in which an abuser abandons the victim-spouse in that victim-spouse’s country of origin, without means to return to the United States. The abuser, who is usually a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, then has sole access to shared children who remain in the United States and all the couple’s assets. TMA occurs in all communities and is a form of power and control where abusers take advantage of immigrant survivors’ vulnerabilities.

If you are an advocate, attorney, or other professional working with a survivor of transnational marriage abandonment, you can receive legal technical assistance by contacting End Abuse at 608-255-0539.



Webinar: Transnational Marriage Abandonment: Systems Solutions (Feb. 2022)

Transnational Marriage Abandonment: Systems Solutions

TMA: Systems Solutions was hosted by End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition on February 27, 2023. This webinar provides an overview of TMA, including case examples. Then, the webinar dives into the legal and systems issues affecting TMA survivors – including immigration, family law, and the intersection of divorces from foreign countries. Click here to view the transcript for this recording.


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