The children and youth program offers training, information, and resources for those working with youth. Also providing leadership opportunities for teens to develop skills they can use to educate their peers.

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Children & Youth Advocate Manual

A tool to increase the knowledge and skills for youth advocacy while building a relationship between advocates and their supervisor. Includes resources to connect with End Abuse and continue education on each topic of the sections. Click on the title of the section you are interested in to access the newest version of the CYAM. Here is a link to exciting big updates to the CYAM!

Here is the link to view the ENTIRE Children & Youth Advocate Manual as one document.

Sections Include:

How to and Hindsights

Child & Youth Development

Childhood Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Safety Planning

Teen Dating Violence NEW SECTION!

Abuse Effects on Protective Caregiver’s Parenting

Mandatory Reporting

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Children & Youth Resilience

Parenting Skills & Child Behavior Management

Facilitate 1-on-1 Conversations with Protective Caregivers

Facilitate 1-on-1 Conversations with Children & Youth

Age Appropriate Support Groups

Age Appropriate Presentations

Statewide Teen Council

Teen Council members at the Teen Summit with keynote Janaya Khan


A statewide effort that focuses on the development of teen leaders. The Teen Council advises End Abuse on programming and public awareness including; social media and toolkit development and provides critical content for the annual statewide Teen Summit. End Abuse staff facilitate various leadership activities that promote personal agency and explore the root causes of violence.

The TC meets three times separately in regional meetings. There are two combined meetings; the Teen Summit practice meeting to provide TC members with opportunities to practice their volunteered roles for the Teen Summit. The other a TC retreat to build camaraderie between the two councils.

Groups may choose teens to be elected to serve as a representative and their adult mentors. Teen Council alumni may be invited to continue their commitment beyond graduation to support peer-to-peer learning. For more information please contact Cody Warner

For the application CLICK HERE!

Selected Resources

Here is where you can find additional resources that are helpful to children and youth advocacy.

How to Find Local Social Services

This infographic, How to Find Local Social Services, is meant to aid advocates to find the programs at their local social service, human service, or health & human service agencies.

Discovery Dating Curriculum

Provides a process for exploration of personal values, discernment of character traits of others, and practice of informed decision making. Discovery Dating has been used with full or partial implementation in myriad settings. Full implementation can be up to 14 weekly sessions; however, the lessons may be adjusted or combined to suit varying schedules.

For more information contact Wise Women Gathering Place at (920)490-0627

Youth Advocacy Activities Form

This form is to collect information about activities that advocates would like to see added to the Children & Youth Advocate Manual. If you would like to submit more than 1 activity you will have to exit out of this page and go back to the Engaging Youth section of the website. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on an easier multiple submission option.
  • Please enter the name or title of the activity.
  • Indicate the age group(s) that would be appropriate to participate in this activity.
  • Indicate the approximate time it would take to complete the activity from beginning to end.
  • Indicate ALL materials necessary to complete the activity.
  • This should include instructions to prepare for the activity, an introduction, activity steps, and a closing/debrief.
  • Provide any tips you have found helpful to successfully complete this activity. Include links to videos or additional
  • Please include any links to videos, supplemental resources, or additional resources here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Other pages in this section

End Abuse provides a variety of educational opportunities to advocates, law enforcement, legislators, and community members to enable them to better serve survivors throughout WI.
Homicide Prevention
About Our Homicide Prevention Work Extensive research into domestic violence homicides has revealed certain indicators that are predictive of experiencing future lethal or near-lethal domestic violence. For the past several years, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin has received funding from the...
Public Policy Advocacy
End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin mobilizes advocates, survivors, and concerned individuals to make policy changes that will support survivors and help end domestic violence.
We envision promising prevention strategies that work with people and systems to challenge gender, race, and class stereotypes and oppressive norms while defining new ways to be a more positive, equitable, and just society.
Outreach to Underserved Communities
End Domestic Abuse WI has a long history of supporting underserved and under-represented communities - including communities of color, those in later life, the LQBTQI+ community, people with disabilities, children and youth, immigrants and refugees, and tribal communities - in...
Legal Services
Our legal team is a leader in educating advocates, attorneys, judges and others on the best responses to domestic abuse. In addition, we advocate for changes in laws and legal practices to improve the legal system for survivors.
Human Trafficking Awareness
End Abuse provides resources, training and technical assistance to programs serving domestic violence survivors, including survivors of human trafficking. Sex trafficking survivors face unique challenges to recovery and safety.
Economic Empowerment
Financial independence is key to domestic abuse survivors’ ability to live successful, violence-free lives. In partnership with local programs, we address economic needs and challenges so survivors can break free of violence.
Coordinated Community Response
For CCR and other DV/SA-focused multidisciplinary teams seeking to improve their community's response to domestic violence, sexual violence, and other forms of oppression.

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