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Please note that End Abuse is not a crisis hotline or agency that provides shelter, safety planning, or other direct services. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline at: 800-799-7233 or find a local program that can offer support using our statewide Get Help Map.

For advocates, survivors, & allies, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse) is the only statewide coalition led by social policy advocates, attorneys, & experts working to support, connect, equip, empower, & lead social change organizations to end domestic abuse – because everyone deserves dignity & safety.

Our work to end domestic violence is multifaceted. Since 1978, our coalition has grown and expanded in how we’ve been able to serve survivors and advocates around Wisconsin. Our support of survivors and direct service agencies remains constant, even as our initiatives change in response to the national anti-oppression landscape. As we center survivors in our work against domestic violence, we recognize our role in a larger anti-oppression movement.

Through advocacy and education, our member project the National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL) works every day to improve victim safety, increase abuser accountability, expand coordinated community response, and ultimately, put an end to abuse in later life. Visit their website to learn more.


End Abuse exists to reduce and eliminate domestic violence, abuse and oppression, which destroy human dignity and liberty.


End Abuse promotes social change that transforms societal attitudes, practices and policies to prevent and eliminate domestic violence, abuse and oppression.


We envision communities fully mobilized to ensure the safety and dignity of all.


Social Justice and Change: We value the dignity of every human being and are committed to taking an intersectional approach in understanding and addressing the root causes of racial, gendered, economic, and all other forms of oppression in the fight for equity and to end abuse.

Collaboration: Collaboration is vital to our work within the organization and with member programs and strategic partners. It is only through collaboration that the best resources, new and shifting perspectives, and true innovations are uncovered.

Empowerment: We are committed to supporting survivors, advocates, staff, individuals, and communities to reach their fullest potential, supporting and strengthening their voices at work and in their daily lives.

Dignity and Autonomy: Survivor dignity, safety, and autonomy are at the heart of all we do.

Leadership: We strive to serve as a model for survivor-centered and values-based organizational leadership. We adopt organizational policies or position statements that support our ideals of collaboration, social justice, and positive social change. We hold ourselves accountable for the commitments we make to ourselves, our colleagues, our partners, and the larger community of survivors.


End Abuse was founded in 1978 as the Wisconsin Coalition Against Woman Abuse by local domestic violence programs in Wisconsin. As was occurring in other states, volunteers in Wisconsin were meeting to discuss the need for a statewide advocacy organization that could play a central role in legislative advocacy on domestic abuse issues. Of equal importance was the perceived need for technical assistance and support to local communities that were starting to identify violence against women as a problem.

Since its inception, End Abuse has served as a central point of contact for domestic violence (DV) victims and survivors,  advocates directly supporting victims and survivors, DV service providers, and other health, social service, law enforcement, and criminal legal system professionals. Wisconsin now has a statewide network of domestic violence programs that provide safe shelter and advocacy for victims, survivors, and their children – many of whom are seeking assistance as they navigate health, legal, and other systems. We are still firmly focused on domestic abuse, but our strategies and partners have broadened considerably since 1978. As a statewide, non-profit, membership organization of domestic violence victims, survivors, programs, allied partners, and supporting individuals, we are committed to preventing and ending domestic violence in Wisconsin.

End Abuse is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a Board of Directors as our governance structure.

Our four most common activities are:

  • Networking and support for victims & survivors, their families, and for professionals working with victims, those who cause harm, and their children
  • Technical Assistance (TA): while TA can take many forms, it generally refers to the sharing of information, resources, referrals, and/or materials on topics related to domestic violence in response to requests from anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge or build their capacity to address these issues.
  • Policy development
  • Education, training, and quality improvement

Our goals are accomplished:

  • through the direct services and advocacy efforts of local providers,
  • by End Abuse staff,
  • through affiliations of End Abuse staff and board, and
  • by a rich and broad array of collaborations with diverse local, state, governmental, tribal, and national partners

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Our organization's offices are based in Madison, WI, but our staff works from across the state and country on a wide array of initiatives that support our work for the dignity and safety of all. Learn about our staff members & their areas of expertise here!
Membership & Renewals
End Abuse is a statewide coalition of anti-violence program members, allied partners, and supporting members. Renew your membership here, or become a member today!
Board of Directors
End Abuse is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a Board of Directors as our governance structure. Meet our Board members here!

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