If you are seeking help:
Please note that End Abuse is not a crisis hotline or agency that provides shelter, safety planning, or other direct services. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline at: 800-799-7233 or find a local program that can offers support using our statewide Get Help map.

Staff at End Abuse are available 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST to aid staff of member agencies. The staff directory below contains the contact information and areas of expertise for individual staff who provide technical assistance (TA)*.

For general technical assistance email TA@endabusewi.org or call 608-255-0539 and press 4.

For legal technical assistance email legalTA@endabusewi.org or call 608-255-0539 and press 5.

*Technical Assistance (TA): TA is a core component of state coalitions’ roles in supporting statewide programs that offer direct service to survivors. While TA can take many forms, it generally refers to the sharing of information, resources, referrals, and/or materials on topics related to domestic violence in response to requests from anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge or build their capacity to address these issues.

Ajamou Butler (he/him)

Prevention Specialist | ajamoub@endabusewi.org

Programming to youth involved in the statewide domestic violence Prevention Initiative, Dare2Know

Angie Trudell Vasquez (she/her)

HR Manager | angietv@endabusewi.org

Human resources and HR technical assistance for program directors

Antonia Norton (she/her)

Training and TA Coordinator: African American Services | antoniav@endabusewi.org

Victim services and human trafficking, especially services to African American communities

Cody Warner (they/he)

LGBTQ & Youth Program Director | codyw@endabusewi.org

Youth & family services, teen dating violence prevention, services to LGBTQ community

Colleen Cox (she/her)

Education & Training Coordinator | colleenc@endabusewi.org

Educational offerings, point of contact for End Abuse educational events

Daniel Krishnan (he/him)

Technology Manager| danielk@endabusewi.org

Osnium database administration

Danny Ho (he/him)

Leadership & Advocacy Program Director | dannyh@endabusewi.org

Anti-oppression work, leadership development, culturally-specific services

Elise Buchbinder (she/her)

Communications Director | eliseb@endabusewi.org

Communications, including point of contact for press/media relations, social media, website, publicity, email marketing

Holland Dvorak (she/her)

Housing Initiatives Coordinator | hollandd@endabusewi.org

Domestic Violence Housing Program Support

Jenna Gormal (she/her)

Public Policy Director | jennag@endabusewi.org

General state & public policy, legislative advocacy

Kari Niesen-LaScala (she/her)

Staff Attorney | karil@endabusewi.org

Training and legal technical assistance to advocates, other attorneys, and community partners who serve victims of domestic violence

Kristin Burki (she/her)

Director of National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life | ncall@ncall.us

Training and technical assistance on outreach, services, and community responses to address abuse in later life.

Kwnwahta Smith (he/him)

Southern Region Youth Program Coordinator | kwnwahtas@endabusewi.org

Programming to youth involved in the Statewide Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative and TA to youth-serving organizations on prevention related topics

Milly Gonzales (She/Her(s)/Ella)

Associate Director | millyg@endabusewi.org

Coalition programming, funding, and infrastructure; strategic and long range planning; member board and staff capacity development

Monique Minkens (she/her)

Executive Director | execdirector@endabusewi.org

Executive leadership, organizational capacity development, strategic planning, agency spokesperson

Nicole Johnson (she/her)

Program Capacity & Support Coordinator | nicolej@endabusewi.org

Victim services, community collaboration, program administration, and capacity development

Stephanie Vang (she/her)

Northern Region Youth Program Coordinator | svang@endabusewi.org

Programming and technical assistance to youths in the Statewide Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative. Liaison with the D2K Campaign and other youth-serving organizations on prevention related topics

Tegan Swanson (she/her)

Systems Change Coordinator | tegans@endabusewi.org

Community Coordinated Response/Multidisciplinary Team Response, community collaborations, systems advocacy, legal systems response to survivors and victim services

Valerie Clark (she/her)

Technology Support Specialist | valeriec@endabusewi.org

Assists with computer hardware and software needs including setup, troubleshooting, training, documentation, and How-To resources

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