Staff at End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin are available 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST to aid staff of member agencies. The staff directory below contains the contact information and areas of expertise for individual staff.

Reach the general technical assistance line by calling 608-255-0539 ext. 100.

Legal technical assistance is available at 608-255-0539 ext. 340 or by directly contacting the individuals noted below.

Angie Trudell Vasquez

Operations Manager |

Human resources and operations

Antonia Vann

Training and TA Coordinator: African American Services |

Victim services and human trafficking, especially services to African American communities


Tribal & Elder Outreach Program Director |

Outreach to Tribal communities, culturally- specific services, trauma-informed care, historical trauma, services for older adults and individuals with disabilities

Cody Warner

LGBTQ & Youth Program Director |

Children and youth services, teen dating violence prevention, services to LGBTQ community

Colleen Cox

Education & Training Coordinator |

Educational offerings, point of contact for End Abuse educational events

Daniel Krishnan

Technology Coordinator |

Osnium database administration

Danny Ho

Leadership & Advocacy Program Director |

Culturally-specific services, anti-oppression and youth work

Elise Buchbinder

Director of Communications |

Communications, including point of contact for press, social media, website, publicity, email marketing

Gricel Santiago-Rivera

Interim Executive Director |

Executive leadership, organizational capacity development, strategic planning, agency spokesperson

Jenna Gormal

Director of Policy and Systems Change |

General policy, legislative advocacy and media relations

Kathryn Chapman

Director of Education & Membership Services |

Victim services, community collaboration, program administration, capacity development, executive director support

Micaela Magel

Education and Administrative Specialist |

Support for trainings and educational initiatives, management of End Abuse membership information, and general administrative support

Megan Sprecher

Immigration and Poverty Law Attorney |

Legal system and issues, including immigration, language access, public benefits law. Available for legal technical assistance

Monique Minkens

Director of Coalition Programs |

Victim services, trauma-informed care, historical trauma, program administration, capacity development, client sustainability practices and service, culturally-specific organizations, executive director support

Olivia Osborne

Program Capacity & Support Coordinator |

Victim services, community collaboration, program administration, capacity development, culturally-specific services, anti-oppression work

Sara Krall

Homicide Prevention Program Director |

Lethality assessment program, homicide response, reporting and prevention, community collaborations, systems advocacy, and victim services

Stephanie Ortiz

Director of Prevention and Outreach |

Primary prevention, anti-oppression, End Abuse prevention grant program, statewide prevention public awareness

Tegan Swanson

Systems Change Coordinator |

Community Coordinated Response/Multidisciplinary Team Response, community collaborations, systems advocacy, legal systems response to survivors and victim services

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