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Homicide Prevention

What is predictable must also be preventable.

Extensive research into domestic violence homicides has revealed certain indicators that are more predictive of experiencing future lethal or near-lethal domestic violence.  End Abuse engages Wisconsin communities in homicide prevention by collaborating with the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV) and providing ongoing opportunities for Wisconsin communities to receive training and technical assistance on the research-based Lethality Assessment Program – Maryland Model (LAP).  More information about this program can be found on the LAP website:

If your community is interested in implementing the LAP, please download the application packet below. Contact End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin Homicide Prevention Program Director Sara Krall ( with questions.

LAP Application Packet

End Abuse also engages communities in homicide prevention efforts through our homicide reports.  Since 2000, End Abuse has chronicled and analyzed domestic violence-related killings in our state by publishing an annual Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report.  Our intent with producing these reports is twofold – to honor and remember the victims of domestic violence homicide, and to help Wisconsin communities further identify opportunities for intervention and prevention by highlighting notable data trends.

End Abuse facilitates connections with domestic violence programs in Wisconsin prior to and in the wake of a domestic violence homicide.  Our Homicide Response Plan provides a framework for domestic violence programs and their community partners to guide how they will collectively respond to domestic violence-related homicide incidents.


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We envision communities fully engaged to provide safety and to give a voice to all affected by domestic abuse, while creating the social change necessary to address its root causes. We honor the wisdom and strength of domestic abuse survivors across the lifespan. Our mission is achievable through survivor-centered work that includes strategic partnerships and collaboration. As advocates for social justice, we embrace the voices of diverse communities.