2019-2020 Annual Report: The Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence – Adjusting Coalition Services During Unprecedented Times

Creating Support & Connection Amidst Uncertainty & Isolation

Few things were highlighted more throughout 2020 than interconnection and the need to shift when something is broken. We were shown on a global scale that it is in the interconnectedness of people, of issues, and of support systems that we may find not only the source of our struggles, but also the solutions.


To see how the coalition responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, view our 2019-20 Annual Report here.




Referred to as a “shadow pandemic” by international media and human rights organizations, domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic has required increased awareness and an urgent response. The heightened stress and anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the isolation that may accompany social distancing, has been triggering and potentially dangerous for survivors. For many survivors, home is not a safe place. Domestic violence cases have spiked worldwide, with survivors who already have violent partners now being confined at home with them, and further isolated from support systems.




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