2019-2020 Legislative Agenda

View the 2019-2020 End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin Legislative Agenda

End Abuse is the statewide voice for domestic abuse survivors and advocates.

We seek to raise our voice in the halls of the State Capitol in Madison, so that laws and polices work to make Wisconsin a more peaceful and just place.

Every two years, End Abuse releases our legislative agenda, which summarizes our priorities for proactive policy and social change to end domestic abuse in Wisconsin. For 2019 to 2020, we are calling on policymakers to address the the following topics:

  • Preventing Inter-generational Cycles of Abuse through Proactive Prevention
  • Accounting for the Safety of Domestic Abuse Victims and their Children in the Family Law System
  • Building a Housing System that Provides Safety for Survivors
  • Protecting Survivors and their Children in the Child Welfare System
  • Creating Safety for Immigrant & Undocumented Families
  • Public Benefits: Building a Bridge to Safety
  • Protecting Victims from Gun Violence

We are grateful to the survivors, advocates, member organizations, and other partners who have guided the creation of the Agenda through our public policy committee, at our civic engagement trainings, and in other discussions and meetings. The voices of many are reflected and united in our common purpose.

So often in policy discussions, how we define the problem can limit how we envision solutions. Therefore, in our Legislative Agenda, we sought to clearly express the current gaps and failures and articulate a bold, yet achievable, vision for how Wisconsin can be a safer place for us all, and especially for the most vulnerable in our communities.

We will use the agenda as a guide in our discussions and meetings with legislators and other officials. We invite you to read the agenda here, and to get connected to our public policy work by reaching out to End Abuse and by signing up for our Action Alerts.

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