2021 Annual Report

View the 2021 End Abuse Annual Report here.

Anti-violence Work in an Ongoing Pandemic

In 2021, COVID continued to impact communities throughout Wisconsin, nationwide, and across the globe. Despite increasing reports showing that those experiencing domestic violence are disproportionally impacted by the effects of the pandemic, WI advocates’ ongoing survivor support and commitment to addressing root causes of violence reminds us of our movement’s strength, even in times of crisis.

Alongside progress, there continues to be struggle and complexity in the movement to end violence. As we contend with such overlapping issues as racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and environmental degradation in our work to end gender-based violence, we also hold gratitude for the dedication of advocates and the strength of victims and survivors, joy for the possible futures we are collectively building, and the power that comes from art, creativity, and joy – even in the most difficult times.

We are grateful for everyone who has ever held “their arms outstretched to receive” the experience of someone living in the shadow of domestic violence. This work is possible because of those dedicated to building violence-free futures. We offer a
poem from End Abuse HR Manager and Madison poet laureate Angie Trudell Vasquez, who weaves together the daily, lived experiences of advocates, allies, and survivors. Watch the full video of Angie’s reading below, at bit.ly/atvLookForTheHelpers, or view the written poem on pages 2-3.

View the full 2021 End Abuse annual report here, including highlights from NCALL’s former Director and key public policy advocacy from the 2021-2023 legislative session.

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