Advocacy matters.

Advocacy matters.

On July 21, during the VOCA signing ceremony, U.S. President Joe Biden shared a story that moved him – a story that End Abuse Director of Policy and Systems Change Jenna Gormal offered from her previous experience as a shelter advocate. As she lobbied for the #VOCAFix over the past several months, her advocacy included educating lawmakers about the complex dynamics of abuse and the need for stable funding for local programs.

The woman in the story Jenna offered was a survivor of violence. She, like all of us, lived with beauties, struggles, joys, hardships. She, like survivors across the country, came to a local program to access services. And she, due to chronic underfunding and systemic barriers, was unable to access all of what she needed to escape the violence in her life. She is among the countless lives lost to violence. Her life is not forgotten.

As a statewide coalition, we are grateful to advocate for legislative policy on behalf of survivors and local programs across Wisconsin and the nation. Without the daily work of local programs, state coalitions, and national advocates like our partners at The National Network to End Domestic Violence, significant shifts like the passage of VOCA would not be possible. As a movement against violence, we thank lawmakers like Senator Tammy Baldwin who stand with survivors and truly listen to the “angels working on the front lines.”
Let this be a reminder that collective advocacy holds power, and that survivors’ stories must remain central to our anti-violence work.



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