Understanding and Affirming LGBTQ Survivors: Inclusive Advocacy for Domestic Violence Program Staff

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 10:00 am - 11:30 am Virtual - Zoom

Join Diverse & Resilient’s Keira Kowal Jett, Reiko Ramos, and Nick Ross for a fresh look at “LGBTQ 101”. This 90-minute session designed for Wisconsin domestic abuse programs will include: 

  • Understanding and affirming LGBTQ Survivors (identities, pronouns, etc.) 
  • Trauma and Barriers faced by LGBTQ Survivors  
  • Practical Application in Your Program to Affirm LGBTQ Survivors 
  • Q&A  

Also joining us are Kathy Flores (Diverse and Resilient) and Stacey Cicero (WI Department of Children and Families) introducing the training, part of the annual series on providing welcoming, equitable and inclusive services for the LGBTQ population. 

Register by June 14 at https://bit.ly/dr621reg

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