Session 6: Continuing Learning Training Series on Racism, White Supremacy, & Anti-Violence Work with Brandi Grayson

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, in collaboration with Urban Triage, welcome domestic violence and sexual assault advocates across WI to monthly training sessions in which Brandi Grayson hosts discussions about how racism and white supremacy create and compound chronic trauma, and how examination of these topics aid in developing social justice centered leadership. During these sessions, Brandi will address how discussed concepts and practices can be applied to our paid and unpaid anti-violence movement work. All sessions will be recorded.

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Brandi Grayson is the Founder & CEO of Urban Triage and CEO of Grayson Consulting, LLC. She’s also a Community Activist, radio talk show host on Talk 92.7FM, orator, writer, and stand up comedian. According to Brandi, her most important contribution and roles are that of a mother and treatment foster parent. Brandi has15 years of experience in racial justice and program development movement work. Her passion for developing programs to build capacity within marginalized communities lead her to work on police brutality, economic justice, transformative justice, racial justice, and civil rights campaigns.

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