The Family Law Institute

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - Thursday, April 21, 2022 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Virtual - Zoom

Join the End Abuse Legal Team for the new six-session Family Law Institute! Many victims and their children enter the family law system, with outcomes that are likely to have a critical impact on their future safety and wellbeing.

This training is beneficial for all experience levels – providing a comprehensive overview as well as an in-depth look at family law processes from start to finish. Each Family Law Institute session builds upon the previous one; participants should plan to attend all six sessions:

1 – Options Under the Family Code – Understanding the Process (4/5/22) 

Some of the topics we will discuss in this session include: divorce versus legal separation, annulment, paternity and paternity acknowledgment, cultural marriage versus civil marriage, language access, and assisting a pro se client.     

2 – Pleadings – Beginning the Process (4/7/22) 

Topics include: Summons and Petitions, Temporary Orders, Status Conferences, Hearings, and Judgment versus Order.   

3 – Considerations for Children (4/12/22) 

  Topics include: Mediation, Custody and Placement, GALs, and Act 37. 

4 – Monetary Considerations (4/14/22) 

 Topics include: Child Support, Maintenance, Property Division, and Debt Allocation.   

5 – Trials and Post-judgment (4/19/22) 

Topics include: Motions to Modify, Contempt, Relocation, and Appeals.  

6– Systems Change Options (4/21/22) 

The concluding session will discuss opportunities for advocacy, understanding how systems are built and who the players are, how to engage in systems advocacy and co-construct the rules.  

See the attached flyer for additional legal trainings taking place between January and June of 2022.

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