Homicide Prevention Roundtable

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Gateway Technical College Racine Campus

We know from the CDC that over half of female homicides in the US are intimate partner violence related. According to End Abuse’s latest annual Homicide Report, in 2018, individuals died in WI due to domestic violence at a rate of 1 death every 7 1/2 days. That same year, 37% of the victims of intimate partner homicide were killed after the relationship ended or when one person in the relationship was taking steps to end the relationship. No victim should have to take the courageous step of leaving an abusive relationship without the safety &support offered by domestic violence victim advocates and without the benefit of a coordinated community response.

A team of three from Portland, OR will provide an overview of their Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team (DVERT), and share tools & strategies with WI communities hoping to create something like it. Their DVERT is similar to a DV High Risk Team Model that’s beginning to spread across WI, the goal of which is to create a multi-disciplinary response to the cases that are identified to have the greatest potential to result in a homicide or near-homicide. Spend a day learning with & from others that are engaged in domestic violence homicide prevention efforts, and be a part of improving these grave statistics for our state.

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