Regional Advocate Day of Training (RAD): Northern Region

Friday, August 2, 2019 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Northcentral Technical College, 1001 Progressive Ave, Medford, WI 54451

On Friday, August 2, join us in Medford for the Northern Regional Advocate Day of Training (RAD), where we will discuss legal services from Judicare and issues involving Guradians ad Litem.

The morning workshop, “Help! I Need a Lawyer,” will cover how to apply for legal assistance from Wisconsin Judicare, Inc., and what to expect when you are financially eligible. Attorneys Genie Hedlund and Amanda Rabe will cover Wisconsin Judicare services from application through the selection process of full representation of clients. Attorney Hedlund works under the Violence Against Women Act Legal Assistance to Victims (VAWA LAV) Project serving Native American victims/survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking.  Attorney Rabe works with victims/survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking in family law cases and to protect the privacy rights of victims in criminal cases, as well as some work with landlord/tenant and public benefits cases. Attorneys Rabe and Hedlund will address how to apply for legal services, what the Judicare intake process involves, the financial guidelines, the priorities, and what to expect when you are financially eligible, including the different types of services provided by Wisconsin Judicare for clients throughout Wisconsin’s 33 northern counties and 11 federally recognized Indian tribes statewide.

In the afternoon, join End Abuse attorneys Cyrus Behroozi and Megan L. Sprecher for a training and discussion on all things guardian ad litem. We’ll go through the GAL’s role, application of the 4-part framework GALs should use for custody cases where domestic abuse is present, and troubleshooting when there is a GAL making problematic choices.

This free training is open to advocates statewide.

Registration opens June 17!

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