Webinar: Welcoming LGBTQ Survivors with Open Hearts & Open Doors in Shelter

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
  • How can we ensure that our programs provide equal access to all survivors in shelter, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation?
  • What are some concerns for agencies in providing shelter to LGBTQ survivors experiencing intimate partner violence?
  • How can we use our wisdom as advocates to identify what the pattern of abusive power and control looks like in LGBTQ relationships?
In order to effectively work with LGBTQ survivors, we must go deeper than just a checklist of abusive behaviors. It is key that we study context, intent, and impact of those behaviors. Together, let’s explore the barriers and solutions to ensuring equal access to all survivors. This webinar, hosted by End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and presented by Kathy Flores of Diverse & Resilient and Courtney Olson of Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services, Inc., continues the series begun in 2015 on serving LGBTQ people, reflecting on organization practices and culture, and building bridges to innovative, emerging practices. Sharon Lewandowski from DCF will join us to explain DCF’s policies and requirements for LGBTQ inclusion. Participation in this webinar meets the Department of Children & Families Requirements for domestic violence programs.
Questions can be directed to eliseb@endabusewi.org

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