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Episode 1: Coming Home

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Sometimes driving, cleaning, or exercising are the only minutes we have to catch up on what’s important to us. In an effort to make the info advocates and allies need more accessible, we’ve created a podcast about our movement that can be listened to whenever works best for you. Check out Ending Abuse, a podcast from End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, where we examine the change necessary to end violence and center our understanding that all oppression is connected.

In the first episode, we explore the topic of housing as it relates to domestic violence. Housing has been identified as a top issue for domestic violence victims and survivors across the country, particularly so in Wisconsin. We hear a story of a survivor’s experience in her own words, look at the Wisconsin policy landscape surrounding housing with two End Abuse policy experts, and – in addition to poetry from survivors and advocates around the state – we talk about staying involved in this important issue.

This episode could not have been possible without the contributions of Renee Greenland, Susan Perry, and The ASHA Project Associate Director Shawn Muhammad – our gratitude for each of you is beyond measure. Special thanks to Adrienne Roach, Chase Tarrier, & Angie Trudell Vasquez for making public policy approachable.

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