Bilingual Multi-Cultural Advocate

Application deadline: June 30, 2019

Employer: New Horizons Shelter & Outreach Centers

Location: La Crosse, WI 54601

Bilingual Multi-Cultural Advocate is responsible for supporting and advocating for
the adult victim utilizing the Domestic Abuse Reduction Team (DART) program. The Multi-Cultural Advocate is responsible for exercising discretion and judgment regarding each individual client’s needs to assist the client in obtaining a life free of abuse and its affects.

Primary responsibilities

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1) coordinates and reviews domestic violence reports and determines program eligibility in coordination with the DART Law Enforcement Coordinator

2) attends Domestic Violence Review Court and advocates for the client as appropriate; reviews offender information via Justice Sanctions’ database

3) provides clients with crisis intervention; supportive and active listening; supportive counseling; educational counseling related to domestic violence and sexual assault; safety planning; resources and referrals to social service agencies; Crime Victim Compensation information; assessment of individual needs; appropriate conflict resolutions skills that are culturally sensitive and non-judgmental by exercising discretion and judgment to assure the individual needs of the client are met

4) assures appropriate and timely record keeping including but not limited to entering daily data (includes computer and paper forms and regular monthly reports on client successes as well as professional activities)

5) responsible for activating and de-activating cases

6) provides training to DART members about domestic violence and victim sensitivity

7) participates in community collaboration by actively contributing to committees
advocating against domestic violence and sexual assault which relate directly to the Victim Services Coordinator position (may be assigned by supervisor)

8) communicates concerns of the organization and client needs with co-workers and management daily to assure efficient operation of the organization. Includes but is not limited to personal care items for the client, program needs, office supplies and maintenance needs

9) attends and participates in meetings within the organization as assigned by supervisor. Includes but is not limited to Full Staff meetings, Direct Service meetings, Outreach meetings and structured “mini-staff” meetings for problem solving shelter, client or organizational concerns with co-workers

10)attends and participates on committees within the organization i.e. Awareness
Committees, Safety Committee, etc. (may be assigned by supervisor)

11)attends and participates in planning and is present at functions that promote the organization and access of our services, a minimum of two times per year (may be assigned by your supervisor)


A BA/BS in a human services related field OR a combination of relevant
education, employment and/or life experience is preferred. Bilingual in Hmong and English; spoken required and written preferred. Experience with crisis intervention and knowledge of community resources is preferred. An understanding of, or an interest in the individual and social dynamics relating to adult victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and harassment along with Family Strengthening. Proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, a
competency for using the internet to research and find reliable resources or information, keyboarding skills and the ability to learn new computer programs (including but not limited to data entry) with training is a must. The ability to be adaptable and utilize time management skills is needed. The ability to maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes honesty, integrity and cooperation with clients, co-workers, management
and the general public is needed.

Agency responsibilities


New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers is the only shelter within a 65-mile radius of the City of La Crosse. It’s a shelter for individuals and families who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse, was organized in 1978 through the cooperative efforts of an informal group of citizens in the La Crosse area who recognized the need for services to victims of domestic abuse. The organization and mission has grown substantially since that time, now reaching out to victims of sexual abuse, human-trafficking, and more. New Horizons is on the front lines advocating for and helping victims with many issues that some people may think do not exist in our community. August of 2018 marked 40 years of serving the community!

New Horizons provides shelter and services to a seven county (population 238,236) area in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

New Horizons Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide emergency shelter and food to victims of domestic violence and their children.

The shelter’s Crisis Advocates provide support and advocacy for victims and children through their shelter stay. Often, when victims come into shelter, they are forced to flee their homes quickly and under great stress, leaving most of their belongings. Through community donations, New Horizons is able to provide families with clothing and personal care items.

In addition to providing the essentials of food and shelter to ensure the physical safety of individuals and families who have experienced abuse, New Horizons conducts various programs and services, all of which are confidential and complimentary.

  • 24 Hour Crisis Line
  • Outreach Centerslocated in the City of La Crosse and the Town of Whitehall.
  • Support Groupsproviding a forum for victims with similar challenges to come together for sharing coping strategies, to feel more empowered, and provide a sense of community.
  • Resource Advocacyhelping victims navigate programs to establish a foundation for a fresh start and supporting them in their healing process.
  • Legal Advocacywe have staff who assist with restraining orders, and are knowledgeable on divorce and custody issues.
  • Trauma Counselingwe have a licensed therapist on staff that assists individuals and families who are experiencing abuse.
  • Youth & Family Advocacyproviding supports to children whose parent has been a victim of abuse, and working to bring a sense of balance back to families. Also helping teens and youth who find themselves in unhealthy, abusive, and even physically violent relationships.
  • Diversity Advocacyreaching out to marginalized populations to provide assistance and support.
  • Anti-Human Traffickingproviding assistance and support for sex and labor trafficking victims.
  • Community Education and Awarenessworking to stop domestic and sexual abuse before it starts and provide information to those who are already experiencing it.

Additionally as part of the above services and supports, New Horizons also works hand in hand with the law enforcement on a joint program called DART (Domestic Abuse Reduction Team). DART is a specialized enforcement unit of the La Crosse Police Department, along with other law enforcement agencies that work with New Horizons to prevent repeat episodes of domestic violence in families that are at risk. DART pairs up police officers with victim advocates from New Horizons who visit victims to offer resource information and support. Together the team works to reduce domestic violence through a united effort with the goal of making La Crosse a safer place for families and officers.

In working with victims of domestic or sexual abuse, New Horizons advocates also help victims with Safety Planning. Simply put, Safety Planning is developing a quick plan of action for help and escape in time of danger for the victim. New Horizons often provides recycled cellphones that can only dial 911 which victims keep charged and hidden in a safe place.

Thanks to financial support in 2018, we…

  • Provided 206 women, children and men with 10,610 nights of shelter
  • Answered 2,937 calls to our crisis line
  • Provided 12,243 contacts of advocacy to those we served
  • Provided free and confidential services to over 1,500 unduplicated victims of abuse
  • 76% of victims served resided in La Crosse County, 13% resided in Trempealeau County, 11% resided in surrounding counties
  • The oldest victim to receive services was 88
  • The youngest victim to receive services was under one year (there were seven children under 1 yr. old in 2018)

Application instructions

The following application materials are needed for consideration:

  • Completed employment application
  • Resume
  • Cover letter addressed to New Horizons Shelter & Outreach Centers

Incomplete applications, or applications submitted without a cover letter and resume will NOT be considered.

Completed applications may be submitted via email as an attachment to:, or by U.S. Mail to New Horizons Shelter & Outreach Centers, Attn: Amanda Patton, 1223 Main St La Crosse, WI 54601.

Applications will be accepted until this position has been filled or the application deadline has passed.

Application deadline: June 30, 2019

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for this position.

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