Healing Focused Care Facilitator

Application deadline: May 31, 2023

Employer: The Alma Center

Location: Milwaukee, WI

JOB PURPOSE: To support people, primarily adult men, on a journey of healing and recovery from their own experiences of trauma and adversity so that they are able to show-up responsibly, fully, lovingly, and authentically in relationship with their partners, children, family and community.

This position will work with people, primarily adult men, who are at risk of or who have a history of causing harm in their intimate partner relationship and/or family. The people served are a diverse group, including: people who have been arrested and/or convicted for a domestic violence related crime and are required to complete programming as part of a criminal system mandate; people returning to the community from incarceration; people recommended to complete services through Child Protective Services; people seeking services in relation to family court child custody matters; people recommended to services by family and friends; and people who are voluntarily seeking help to transform their own behavior.

Healing Focused Care Facilitator.Job Description

Primary responsibilities

Multiple positions available.
• Full-time Employee with primary responsibilities for serving people within Milwaukee County
• Limited Term Employee with primary responsibilities for serving people within select neighborhoods in the city of Milwaukee (12 months; could be extended depending upon mutual fit, ongoing program needs and program funding)
• Full-time Employee with primary responsibilities for serving people throughout the state of WI

Core Job Functions:

  • Co-facilitate group trauma resolution work by implementing the Alma Center’s Journey Toward Legacy curriculum as it is designed. Full-time responsibilities will include up to 10 classes per week, 2 hours each session. Groups will be offered in person and via Zoom.
  • Conduct one-on-one introductory sessions providing opportunity and space for people to share their personal story, gain an experience of someone seeing their Authentic Self, and explore together what happened to them. Full-time responsibilities will include up to 5 introductory sessions per week, approximately 2 hours each session. Introductory sessions will be offered in person and via Zoom.
  • Provide as-needed one-on-one coaching, support, internal and external referrals to appropriate social services to assist participants’ healing journey, personal stability and thriving.
  • Conduct client and program evaluation assessments as per evaluation design, including standardized implementation of pre- and post-test assessments and session-based feedback.
  • Record and maintain accurate and complete information in client management database (e.g., scheduling, client & referral contact, outcome of appointments, attendance and participation in class sessions).
  • Provide thorough and clear communication in a timely fashion, both verbally and in writing, to forge productive, accountable and professional relationships with referral sources, such as the District Attorney’s Office, Domestic Violence Court Judges, probation agents, police, Child Protective Services, private attorneys, domestic violence service agencies, family members, program participants, and other team members.
  • Perform administrative responsibilities as assigned, and as necessary, to ensure successful operation of program, and work with team continuously to improve and create further efficiencies in operations.
  • Practice compassionate accountability by actualizing conscious choice, setting clear expectations, supporting people to achieve expectations, understanding the journey is not linear, allowing the flow of natural consequence positive or negative, and holding an open space for the journey to continue.
  • Build honest, authentic, and trusting relationships with co-facilitator and other team members to continue to learn and grow together, hold each other accountable, and advance the culture of Healing Focused Care and vision of the Alma Center.
  • Be on time, prepared, fully present without distraction, and open to learning for all meetings, classes, appointments and required activities.
  • Be willing and open to filling in for other staff members when necessary, and for taking on new and other responsibilities when identified, necessary, prioritized or deemed essential


Depending upon specific position, job responsibilities may also include:

  • Answer calls and chat messages that come into the Alma Center’s helpline services to support callers who want to make changes to their own behavior patterns.
  • Facilitate individual one-on-one trauma resolution sessions utilizing the skills and practices acquired through Alma Center HFC training. Individual work will be offered in person and via Zoom.
  • Conduct community-based outreach through activities such as home visits, neighborhood canvassing and leafletting, attending community meetings and gatherings, and providing community-based informational sessions.


The IDEAL CANDIDATE is optimistic, open-minded, curious and eager to learn; is collaborative,
generative and able to work interdependently on a team; has a fundamental belief in human beings’
ability and capacity to change; demonstrates awareness, commitment and courage to address
oppression and privilege within self and others; has done enough of their own work to be able to showup
authentic, grounded, and vulnerable with the people we serve and other team members; is open and
committed to continuing to work on themselves; and, acts with integrity to core values making healthy,
generative, and accountable choices in all aspects of life. We are looking for candidates who bring
passion and skill to this position as a vocation or calling, not just a job.

Agency responsibilities

WHO ARE WE? The Alma Center is a community-based not-for-profit agency with a mission to heal
unresolved trauma and transform and evolve self, relationships, and community. We envision a world
where all people are connected to and making choices aligned with their Authentic (loving, lovable,
capable, whole and enough) Self.

The Alma Center’s innovative practice of Healing Focused Care (HFC) is an evidence-informed paradigm
for transformational work to break cycles of hurt and harm that is solidly grounded in the contemporary
understanding of trauma and healing. It is a comprehensive model for thinking about, envisioning, and
doing transformational work. HFC targets the healing potential of supportive, authentic, trusting
relationships to surface the inherent resiliency and wisdom of people who have experienced trauma and
awaken a person’s own internal capacities to become the best version of themselves. HFC is embodied
in the Alma Center’s organizational culture and is fostered through ongoing and purposeful expectations
of vulnerability, authenticity and compassionate accountability with each other and the people we

TRAINING. All new hires will receive extensive training and ongoing coaching and supervision on the
Alma Center’s practices of HFC. HFC training is not just about the acquisition of information and
knowledge, it is also very much about applied practice which means all staff are required to engage
personally in their own healing work.

Application instructions

Please submit a written cover letter, audio or video recorded message explaining why you are interested
in this position and how you see your skills, learning and experience lining-up with the responsibilities,
core functions and expectations of the position. Please include a resume with your submission.

Submit your application material to: mail@almacenter.org

Alma Center
Attn: Hiring Dept.
2821 N. Vel R. Phillips Avenue, Third Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Salary commensurate with experience and education. The Alma Center offers three weeks paid vacation
and 32 hours sick leave for first-year employees, increasing to four weeks paid vacation in second year.
The Alma Center also offers individual health insurance and pays 80 percent of the monthly premium.

Application deadline: May 31, 2023

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for this position.

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