Newly Released! Transformative: Summer 2023

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Transformative paradigms. Abolition is about presence, not absence. It's about building life-affirming institutions. Ruth Wilsom Gilmore.

The latest edition of Transformative, our quarterly newsletter for advocates & multi-disciplinary teams, is released for Summer 2023! With dedicated sections including Local Voices, Policy Spotlights, and Practices for Healing and Accountability, Systems Change Coordinator Tegan Swanson provides tools to foster change, accountability, and healing in our personal and professional communities. In the Summer 2023 issue, find features on: ECCHO (Engaging Communities to Change Health Outcomes), 2023-2029 Long Range Plan Addressing Sexual & Domestic Violence in WI, Ruth Wilson Gilmore on Abolition, (re)Exploring Emergent Strategy, Advocating at the Intersections of DV, Trauma & Substance Use Coercion, connecting enviro/food justice and gender-based violence

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Transformative local voices. ECHHO values: Autonomy and self determination, civic participation, radical imagination, transparency, community power and leadership, social justiceTransformative connections. From farm labor work to land disputes, to public policy, it must be reiterated how important it is to view food justice as a necessary approach to BIPOC liberation and freedom. -Thea Gay Image: comic about food justiceTransformative resources: Read: The Feminist and the Sex Offender. Follow: RadComms. Watch: Joy in the Time of Apogolypse. Listen: RadioLab More Perfect

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