Newly Released! Transformative: Winter 2023

Read Transformative – Winter 2023

The latest edition of Transformative, our quarterly newsletter for advocates & multi-disciplinary teams, is released for Winter 2023! With dedicated sections including Local Voices, Policy Spotlights, and Practices for Healing and Accountability, Systems Change Coordinator Tegan Swanson provides tools to foster change, accountability, and healing in our personal and professional communities. In the Winter 2023 issue, find: a feature on LGBTQIA+ Survivors of Violence via a virtual support group with Turningpoint; the 2023 UW-Madison Gender & Women’s Studies Conference; learning environmentalism through the lens of Black Feminism; (re)Exploring Emergent Strategy, and resources to learn more about concepts and practices like mutual aid, generative conflict, disability justice, and interdependence.

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