Thank You for Your Support during The Big Share 2021!

We hold deep gratitude for all who contributed to End Abuse during the Big Share 2021!

Thank you for donating and sharing our work with others to help raise awareness about survivors’ experiences in Wisconsin.

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On March 2, we were reminded of the far-reaching support we receive from those who support our work to end domestic abuse by addressing root causes of violence. Having raised nearly $6,000 on this single day from supporters around Wisconsin during a time of economic hardship for many, we are reminded that – with at least 1 in 3 women experiencing gender-based violence, and the figure being even higher for those who are part of marginalized communities – we all likely know someone impacted by this form of violence, and we all must be part of the solution.

Referred to as a “shadow pandemic” by international media and human rights organizations, domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic has required increased awareness and an urgent response.

COVID has highlighted the challenges victims and survivors face. While they remain important efforts to protect our communities from the virus, Safer at Home mandates and social distancing practices sparked an increase in domestic abuse incidents across the world. Increased stress from economic insecurity means victims find themselves in more volatile home environments with abusive partners, and forced isolation prevents usual systems of connection and support.


Our coalition of domestic violence service providers and allied partners around WI continues to meet the unprecedented need for collaboration, community, and support to ensure the safety of survivors across the state.

From organizing statewide calls for shelter advocates and directors to collaborate as they address unprecedented challenges, to collecting information for PPE, vaccine distribution, and local programs’ pandemic-caused funding loss to ensure shelters could continue serving survivors while keeping staff safe, the coalition has played a vital role in supporting survivors on a statewide scale.



As we center survivors in our work against domestic abuse, we recognize our role in a larger anti-oppression movement.

We actively work against the racialized oppression that has caused those most marginalized to be disproportionately impacted by both COVID and gender-based violence. Learn more about this commitment via our Moment of Truth letter.



It’s not too late to support our work!

Now more than ever, we need those who believe in our work – multifaceted anti-oppression efforts that move us toward a world where everyone can access safety – to support the coalition.
Donate today to shine a light on the shadow pandemic of domestic violence, and help bring safety to victims and survivors in Wisconsin.

Special thanks to the Santiago family, to End Abuse leadership, and to our Board of Directors for their match contributions!

By demonstrating your dedication to the mission of this organization, you directly help us improve conditions for survivors of violence in Wisconsin and help others understand the impactful role they can play in our movement.






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