Updated Children & Youth Manual Now Available!

End Abuse’s Children & Youth Manual is a tool to increase the knowledge and skills for youth advocacy while building a relationship between advocates and their supervisor. It includes resources to connect with End Abuse and continue education on various topics.

During Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, we’re excited to release the second, updated version of the Children & Youth Advocate Manual! We’ve listed some of the exciting updates below.

Please send questions about the Children & Youth Advocate Manual to Cody Warner, LGBTQ & Youth Program Director, at codyw@endabusewi.org.

Check out the full manual here!


Overview of Updates

  • How to & Hindsights
    • Example training plan included
    • How to create a program module section added
  • Section 1: Child & Youth Development
    • Youth development charts have been adapted into age range fact sheets
    • A conception to birth development fact sheet has been created.
  • Section 2: Childhood Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Safety Planning
    • This section has been updated to include childhood domestic violence, sexual assault, and safety planning
    • Added example safety plans
    • Added an information sheet about appropriate amounts of sleep
  • Section 3: Teen Dating Violence
    • NEW section added to that was created by teens and advocates working directly with teens!
  • Section 5: Mandatory Reporting
    • This is now its own section covering as many details of mandatory reporting as possible
    • Included information about mandatory reporting in bordering states, protective caregivers reporting incidents to child protective services, and how parenting can be undermined by reporting
  • Section 7: Children & Youth Resilience
    • Added information from the Office of Children’s Mental Health’s Resilience Workgroup
  • Section 10: Facilitating 1:1 Conversations with Children & Youth
    • Added information about how to create informed consent
  • Section 11: Age Appropriate Support Groups
    • Included information about considerations to go over when starting a support group
    • Provided an example document to send/bring to schools
  • Entire CYAM is now offered in one, single document


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