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Hello from End Abuse!

Beginning today, 1/9/2019, we are starting a website redesign process. Immediately, you will notice that our website may look and feel slightly different. Over the past months, we have been working to move all our current content to the WordPress Platform, and we have overhauled much of our login system and content in the process. If you currently have a login, please be on the lookout for an email with your new credentials!

For staff and advocates who do not yet have a login, please navigate to www.endabusewi.org/register, and fill out the form. This will go through an automated system that we then approve, and we will be checking new entries frequently over the next week or so.

Job postings will also work a little differently, though they are still available. If you or someone at your organization should be able to post jobs, please let us know at webhelp@endabusewi.org. We have not yet assigned any job posting permissions, and will be assigning these permissions manually, as well as sending out more instructions on how the process now works.

Over the course of the next year, we will be implementing a full-scale redesign of our website, now that it lives on WordPress. As things change, we will be sure to let you know, and we will update this page along with it! We hope you like the new look and feel, and stay tuned to see how our site evolves!

This site is a work in progress. Check this post to see what we’ve been working on recently!

January 9, 2019

  • Site Launch. Hooray!
  • Coalition Manager, our previous back-end database, has been phased out. Resources that were located in Publications can now be found in their respective places in the “For Advocates” section.
  • If there’s something that doesn’t work, please let us know by contacting WebHelp@endabusewi.org!
  • Job Posting access has been removed during our login transition. If you need to post a job and do not have access, please contact WebHelp@endabusewi.org

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