End Abuse Mourns Waukesha Violence, Identifies Ties between Domestic Abuse and Acts of Mass Violence

November 23, 2021 by Elise Buchbinder

“We see time and time again that people who use violence against their current or former partners are more likely to go on to commit acts of violence on a larger scale. This reality too often goes unaddressed by media coverage of mass acts of violence, and demonstrates what our coalition and domestic violence advocates across the state and nation have insisted for years: that intimate partner violence is a community issue, not a private matter. It truly affects all of us.”

Newly Released! Transformative Multidisciplinary Team Bulletin – Fall 2021

November 9, 2021 by Elise Buchbinder

The latest edition of Transformative, our quarterly newsletter for advocates & multi-disciplinary teams, is released for Fall 2021! With dedicated sections including Local Voices, Policy Spotlights, and Practices for Healing and Accountability, Systems Change Coordinator Tegan Swanson provides tools to foster change, accountability, and healing in our personal and professional communities. This issue features a spotlight on reproductive justice and the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health, action to take on Critical Race & Gender Theory, and videos + critical questions on criminalization of survival.