Dare2Know Prevention Campaign Launches Statewide!

The launch of our Dare2Know campaign has brought excitement, hope, and strategy for building healthy relationships among Wisconsin teens. The first of its kind in WI, this statewide prevention initiative is a challenge for teens to rally around healthy relationships by focusing on values of connection, networking, prevention, and education. It gives young people the tools to lead the change our state needs, and it works to prevent violent cycles before they begin. By emphasizing the power of youth when they value their own voices, persuade their peers that everyone deserves dignity, and connect with their community to foster healthy relationships, Dare2Know aims to normalize healthy relationships and build a better future.




As the campaign launches, we asked some of those who have shaped this by-youth, for-youth movement what makes them hopeful about Dare2Know (D2K). Perhaps the most powerful feedback we’ve received comes from One of End Abuse’s D2K Youth Outreach Specialists in Milwaukee who is also an active member in End Abuse’s Teen Council since the beginning of 2017.

“I’m super excited about the Dare2Know campaign for this year!” shares Simone Lewis-Turner. “I’m happy to know we’re getting the word out and spreading the awareness of abuse. Every day I am inspired to lead by example and share with others everything it has taught me. I’m hopeful to see the outcome shown with our lives because of it.”

“It’s really important to me because many people tend to build up a blind eye when it comes to abuse, and now it’s ‘normalized.’ I believe by teaching us how to spot or uncover the warning signs of abuse, we and our friends and family will be more likely to spot it out. [D2K] has taught me that it’s strongly needed, especially with black and brown communities. I want it to encourage other young people like myself to gain the knowledge and teach one another the importance of it, as well.”

End Abuse staff, including those who have played essential roles in shaping the major and minor details of this important effort, also offered their excitement about D2K.

“The Dare2Know campaign inspires me because it gives youth an accessible outlet to engage in promoting healthy relationships,” says End Abuse’s Prevention & Public Awareness Coordinator Stephanie Ortiz, who has been a key player behind the Dare2Know movement. “The message of Stronger YOU, Healthier US makes it clear that we must transform ourselves first if we want to begin healing families and whole communities. The fact that this is a youth-informed campaign makes me hopeful because too often our society minimizes the wisdom and role of our young people in creating a just world for all of us.”

“The Dare2Know campaign inspires me because it gives youth a platform to LEARN more about healthy relationships and teen dating violence so that they can KNOW how to support healthy relationships and TAKE ACTION in preventing teen dating violence,” offers Cody Warner, End Abuse’s Children and Youth Prevention & Outreach Coordinator who has also played a major role in the development and implementation of this campaign. “Really taking a dive into understanding where youth are at with promoting healthy relationships and preventing teen dating violence lets us best support these efforts in their communities.

End Abuse Associate Director Tony Wilkin-Gibart gets to the heart of this youth-driven movement when he shares why he is so passionate about our organization driving this prevention work.

“I am inspired because D2K will elevate the voices of youth who are focused on creating a healthier and safer future for us all. They possess enormous potential and passion that will make a positive impact.”


Don’t miss additional media coverage of this inspiring campaign, including End Abuse Executive Director Patti Seger speaking on WPR and Prevention & Public Awareness Coordinator Stephanie Ortiz on WFRV-Green Bay!

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved, in every part of the state: encourage youth to bring this campaign to their schools by becoming Teen Ambassadors at www.dare2knowwi.org, or sign up to be a community partner.

Find a way for you and your community to prevent teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships today! We DARE you.

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