In New Report, End Abuse Releases 2021 Domestic Violence Homicide Data

September 27, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

This is the twentieth edition of the Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report. End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin has been tracking and analyzing all incidents of domestic violence homicide that occurred in Wisconsin since 2000. This report documents fatalities from 2021, and includes sections examining the relationship between mass violence and intimate partner violence, the link between family violence and pet abuse, and interventions with those who cause harm.

Ahead of Homicide Report Release, End Abuse Mourns Milwaukee Homicides, Highlights Needed Change

August 24, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

In the wake of six domestic violence homicides over the span of just two weeks this summer in Milwaukee, many are left in mourning and questioning how to address this crisis. End Abuse points out patterns highlighted by these homicides and offers insight for homicide prevention ahead of the September release of the Annual Domestic Violence Homicide Report.

You’re Invited! Attend Our Annual Soar Above Soirée on August 31

August 12, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

Soar Above is End Domestic Abuse WI's annual fundraiser and awareness event. Join us in community to learn, connect, and make a difference for survivors with your generous support. We will gather together on August 31 from 5-7pm at The Great Dane Pub & Brewing - Hilldale, where we'll feature information on the impact of recent declining protections in reproductive justice for survivors - in particular BIPOC survivors.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision Allowing Chrystul Kizer to Use Trafficking Affirmative Defense Paves Way for Other Trafficking Survivors to Seek Justice

July 8, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

On July 6, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a decision that will allow Chrystul Kizer to present an affirmative defense specific to sex trafficking survivors in her first-degree homicide case. With this decision, future trafficking survivors will have a clearer path to use this affirmative defense.

2021 Annual Report

June 30, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

In 2021, COVID continued to impact communities throughout Wisconsin, nationwide, and across the globe. Despite increasing reports showing that those experiencing domestic violence are disproportionally impacted by the effects of the pandemic, WI advocates' ongoing survivor support and commitment to addressing root causes of violence reminds us of our movement's strength, even in times of crisis.

End Abuse Expresses Fear That Supreme Court Decision Dobbs v. Jackson Will Have Drastic Consequences for Survivors of Domestic Violence

June 24, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

On June 24, 2022, in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, destroying the constitutional right to abortion and leaving states to decide the legality of abortion. This decision effectively rolls back bodily and sexual autonomy for those who can become pregnant, and this is especially dangerous for survivors of domestic violence.

On Kenyairra Gadson Sentencing, Jessica Williams Arrest

May 6, 2022 by Elise Buchbinder

On May 6th, 2022, advocates from End Abuse, WCASA, the RCC, and UNIDOS joined Freedom, Inc. in attending the sentencing hearing for Kenyairra Gadson. Kenyairra was sentenced to 13 years initial confinement and 11 years of extended supervision. End Abuse reacts to this sentencing in the context of systemic violence.